Fly Fishing, Coarse Fishing, Sea Fishing, whatever your preference, South West Scotland’s coastline offers numerous river, loch and sea fishing opportunities.

Fishing and Shooting parties welcome!
(up to 6 persons)

River StincharRiver Fishing

Ballantrae sits at the mouth of the River Stinchar, one of the most famous salmon rivers on the west coast of Scotland. Salmon and Sea Trout fishing is available on the river in season, though the best fishing is later in the year during September and October.

The other main rivers in Ayrshire are the River Girvan and the River Doon. There is also some fine fishing on the rivers in Dumfries and Galloway, like the Luce and the Bladnoch.

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girvan harbourSea Fishing

From the shoreline or from a boat, Sea Angling is relatively free from restriction or cost, except for the normal rules of conduct and the hire of the boat.

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Fishing on Pinbraid Loch, nr GirvanLoch Fishing

There are numerous lochs and reservoirs in the area as well. Pinbraid Fishery near Girvan is just a few minutes away and visitors are always welcome.

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Stinchar Stoat's TailLocal Clubs

Naturally for the protection of the environment and fish stock, most inland waters are controlled by local clubs or associations and therefore permit fees to be paid and rules to be complied with.

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