Scottish year of Food and Drink

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In Ayrshire there is an amazing source of local produce. Wendy Barrie from Scottish Food Guide says ‘As a leading contributor to the Scottish food scene and campaigner for good food: natural, wholesome, fresh and safe, may I commend to all seekers and providers of good food my selection of the best of Scottish fare.’ Wendy stayed with us last week whilst checking out some of the great places to eat in South West Scotland. She and I go back along way, to the early days of ‘Taste of Scotland’. Robin and I were going to the rugby the next day and had lunch at Zucca on Wendy’s recommendation – an Italian restaurant using local produce – which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Scotland Food and Drink says: ‘Visitors to Scotland are looking for a ‘food experience’ where they can sample a local culture through its food and drink. By offering fresh ingredients and local dishes, businesses are more likely to attract new, first time visitors; enhance their visitor experience; and entice them back.’ The Ayrshire Food Network does just that in Ayrshire.
By highlighting their use of Scottish food and drink through menus and staff, businesses can enhance their visitor experience, offer greater value for money and improve their bottom line.
People today have greater awareness of health issues and are conscious about what they eat. Cosses Country House ensures that its menus are well balanced including fresh garden produce.

Food from the Garden

By offering catering from regional or local suppliers, shopping at farmers markets; businesses can really cut down their food miles and appeal to the growing number of visitors influenced by green business practices. What’s more, by offering Scottish food and drink, businesses are supporting other Scottish companies and ensuring that their business contributes to the Scottish economy. Cosses Country house is a Wolsey Lodge – Wolsey Lodges is the epitome of luxury bed and breakfast B&B accommodation in Britain’s and France’s finest, unique homes where use of local produce is reflected in their breakfast and dinner menus.

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