The Ayrshire Coastal Path from Cosses Country House

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Saturday was yet another glorious Autumn Day in South West Scotland and as we did not have any guests staying we set off to walk the first section of the Ayrshire Coastal path from Glenapp to Ballantrae
The Autumn colours were beautiful

Looking back to Glenapp

Climbing out of Glenapp

The path rises to give wonderful views of Loch Ryan and out to the Irish Sea, passing through forest, moorland, farmland and coastal bays and cliffs
Secluded harbour

The secluded Bay of Currarie Port

Nestled between the cliffs this was a great smugglers landing place

This is a great place for a picnic and Monty Dog to have a swim and cool off! From here you can watch wild goats and buzzards hunting pray, gliding on the wind around the cliffs. We also watched a fishing boat checking his lobster pots.
Quite a climb follows to the cliff tops, miles from any road

The sea crashes onto the rocks below

Grazing cattle and sheep, sky larks and gulls, hardly a sole to be seen (we met one walker heading south).

Walking along the cliff tops, Ballantrae just comes into view

As we get closer to Ballantrae, Knockdolian, dominates the skyline. This hill is known as the ‘False Craig’ , as from the sea its shape is the same as Ailsa Craig and sailors have been known to use it for navigation by mistake!

Knockdolian dominates the skyline above Ballantrae

As we approach Ballantrae, beautiful views of the River Stinchar and the Estuary appear
Estuary of the River Stinchar

The River Stinchar forms a beautiful Estuary where it flows into the Irish Sea

Lifts to and from locations on the Ayrshire Coastal path can be organised from Cosses Country House

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