Wind Farms threaten Tourism in South West Scotland www.cossescountryhouse.com/blog

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How will we attract tourists if every view incorporates wind turbines causing noise pollution, shadow flicker , property devaluation, – all of which effects the rural economy.

A group in Dumfries and Galloway have set up this website for anti windfarm information and we will be able to support each other in our campaign to save south west Scotland.

One Response to "Wind Farms threaten Tourism in South West Scotland www.cossescountryhouse.com/blog"
  1. Fay Cowan says:

    This map is truly shocking. If these wind farms go ahead, our beautiful, unspoiled countryside will be no more. I am sure there are a few tourists who will see the wind turbines as a necessary part of the future of electricity production but there will be many many more who will say that they didn’t travel to an area to look at wind turbines but rather beautiful scenery. One of the greatest assets of the South West of Scotland is that it is unspoiled. Let us keep it that way.

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